Indie Action Adventure Game ‘Onion Force’ Achieves Steam Greenlight

Meet Steven and Kathleen Cassidy, married couple and co-founders of Queen Bee Games. Onion Force is their first foray into the independent game world, and a first impression could not be better made.

Having just recently been greenlit by the Steam community, Onion Force retains a focus on creativity and fluid gameplay to separate itself from the pack. The game developing duo mixes elements of action, adventure, tower defense, and pure chaos throughout a journey of “butt-puckering mayhem.” Watching the trailer above proves this is an elegant and accurate description.

One king remains standing in the realm of Onion Force, and it’s up to players to save his ass. Tactical strategies and cunning are required to accomplish this; however, the two alone will not be enough to protect the king. Three playable characters are made available to strengthen the influence players have on the battlefield, each honing unique abilities that will surely come in handy.

Still worried you won’t be able to rescue the king? Don’t be! Thousands of pieces of equipment can be found to help bolster the strength of your characters. Collecting gold will certainly aid in recovering these helpful provisions, as well as allow the building of eight different towers to be used as defense. Each one of these come with five of their own power levels to improve their usefulness, effectively tearing asunder the brutal enemy force. And of course, onions can be collected to be traded for a wide variety of power-ups.

Onion Force touts six diverse destructible environments that house the thirty levels of gameplay. Adjustable gameplay speed and three difficulty modes do their part in ensuring players have an assortment of settings for their gaming pleasure. A soundtrack written by the internet-famous Oxygenfad glues it all together into a nice little package, providing an unique experience for all who come forth to protect the realm.

If you’d like to see more of what Onion Force has to offer, head on over to their Steam page. While there’s no official release date, PC, Mac, and Linux users will find comfort in knowing the game is being developed for all three operating systems.

Are you ready to swear fealty to the king?


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