Fans of the mind blowing parkour indie game Lemma can finally rejoice, as an approximate release date seems promising. Expected to release in April of 2015, it will also carry support for the Oculus Rift. Lemma has been in development since 2010. Early demos of the game have been released since 2012 and the most recent 353 build was released early this year. For those of you who may have missed it, Lemma takes parkour gaming in a refreshing direction, incorporating towering landscapes and puzzles that literally build themselves around the players actions.


Running off the edge of a wall will create a new wall beneath your feet, matching your arc as you descend. Rolling off the edge of a platform for the first time will create a small extension to the floor. Even better, you’re allowed traversal through seemingly thin air. As you leap off surrounding walls or platforms, transparent structures will appear in front of you allowing you to choose your preferred direction, materializing the moment you land. The possibilities for traversal are nearly endless and I often found myself taking a break from the main story to set my own goals and destinations in the maps just to see if I could reach them. An early version of the level editor can also be played in the demo, but a more powerful version will be included upon release as well as a recently announced time trial mode and challenge levels. Developer Evan Todd keeps his fans up to speed regularly with new screen shots and videos of the most recent additions to the title over on his website/blog which you can check out in the link below. Updates can also be found over on the game’s Steam GreenLight page and if you’d like to play the most recent 353 build you can download it for free in the link below.


Steam GreenLight

Lemma Download

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