Over the past couple of days I’ve been playing around with inFamous 2, and just like the first one, the sequel has me hooked.  I’m not going to go into a full review quite yet, but I had to dish on this game before I complete it.  For those of you that have played the original, I2 will feel right at home, but with a much tighter control system.  The first game’s controls were fairly wonked out unless you changed them in the setup menu, but this is not the case in inFamous 2.  I wouldn’t say it has the best controls for 3rd person shooting (very twitchy when aiming), but the overall package works just fine.  In fact, I feel like the new controls have made my favorite aspect of the game, which is the parkour like urban climbing, much smoother.


inFamous 2 First Impression Score: EB 8.5/10

Cole moves with the grace of a gazelle, and when he hits a building he can scale it as if he were raised by chimps.  I love the fact that I can run at any building and just keep hitting the “X” button to climb it with ease.  There’s no shiny ledges like other platforming types of games, nor do I feel like I have to shimmy around and find a hidden ledge to make my way up to the next level of a building.  Through Cole’s electric powers I’m able to run, jump, and climb my way through New Marais without missing a beat.  I love the parkour action and consider one of my favorite aspects of this franchise.

I Can Fly! Er, Glide!

The ability to tear through a city as if it were a jungle really helps to lessen the pain of finding new missions, and collecting the game’s many hidden objects.  Speaking of collecting hidden objects; I feel like every open-world developer should model their map/marker system after Sucker Punch’s inFamous games.  There’s nothing worse than having to use a guide to find 100’s of collectibles.  It takes you out of the game’s world, and almost makes your leisurely hobby feel like work.  In inFamous 2 (and 1) there’s all kinds of stuff to pick up while parkouring through the city, but rather than make you painstakingly look for each blast shard, all you have to do is use Cole’s electric sonar to temporarily show all items of interest in his immediate vicinity.  To me this makes the arduous task of collecting sh*t for trophies much more enjoyable, and besides, it’s a blast to just run Cole around town like the superhero (or villain) that he is.

A few others thing stood out to me while playing inFamous 2, but I’ll save those for the full review, which should be out next week.  I can tell you that the game looks pretty smooth, has a great soundtrack, and is an enjoyable open-world game, but it does have its issues.  The biggest one being huge mismatches when it comes to fighting large groups of enemies, because for being a dude with lighting powers Cole seems to get his a*s kicked if he tries to take on more than 3 enemies at once.  Sometimes I just feel like Cole should be able to dominate the AI, when in fact he is the one taking it up the balloon knot.  Nothing horrible, just calls for more strategy, but it would be nice sometimes to just pwn a large group of foes without the fear of eating a rocket for an instant death.

Some Enemies Make Cole Look Like a Weak Chump

Overall though, inFamous 2 is yet another superb PS3 exclusive that shouldn’t be missed if you own Sony’s gaming console.  For a first impression score I give inFamous 2 a solid EB 8.5/10!  If you’ve been looking for a reason to use your PS3 for more than just a Blu-ray player pick up I2 today!  You’ve been given a taste of what inFamous 2 is all about…

inFAMOUS 2 E3 2011 Trailer



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