Infernal Shrine: New Heroes of the Storm Battleground

A trailer for Infernal Shrines, the new Heroes of the Storm Battleground, has surfaced thanks to Gamescom 2015 – the yearly computer and video games event in Cologne, Germany. Needless to say, there’s been no shortage of news for Blizzard’s MOBA.

Themes from the ongoing Eternal Conflict event resonate into this new addition to the game’s maps, continuing the “Heaven and Hell” atmosphere set by the last Battleground, Battlefield of Eternity.

The Diablo-themed map is a three-lane Battleground with three shines that periodically gather power. After a team defeats the shrine’s guardians and captures the shrine, said team will summon a Punisher with one of three powers: Mortar, Arcane, or Frozen. Regardless of which one is summoned, each one has plenty of potential to cause an insane amount of chaos for the opposing team.

Though the map is still in development, it shouldn’t be long before players are summoning Punishers to slay their enemies on the field of battle. If you want to feel prepared for its release, you should probably check out the video above.


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