Infinity Ward: The Ship is Sinking

This saga with Infinity Ward never seems to end.  Who would think this much noise would be made just for two executives getting canned?  I guess when your product has made billions of dollars people will pay attention.  Not surprisingly another programmer resigned from IW today taking the total number to 5 employees leaving due to Activision’s actions.

Jon Shiring, tweeted yesterday that he bailed on IW.  I wonder if it came in response to the news that his former bosses have founded a new studio that will have complete control over their creative processes.  I don’t blame these guys at all.  If you have a big corporation making your life miserable your only chance to prevent wrist slashing is to leave.  There is nothing worse than going to work everyday hoping that a semi weaves into your lane effectively ending your life.  Work to live, don’t live to work!

Things are shaping up for Respawn Entertainemnt, the new studio created by former IW executives, to become the next all-star developer of the century.  I’d imagine most of these IW employees jumping ship will land in the friendly confines of Respawn.

Big publishers should learn their lesson from this.  Don’t become so greedy that you’re willing to destroy people’s lives to show how big and bad you are.  Shame on you again Activision, keep dumping sequel after sequel on us and kill some more great franchises, you dicks[slider title=”!”]Activision has slowly killed the Guitar Hero franchise by releasing way too many titles each year, and now they’ve killed the Call of Duty series by destroying IW, and letting other studios make games in the series.[/slider]

You’ve been enlightened…

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