Infinity Ward: Two More Employees Bolt

Anyone that follows the gaming scene is well aware of what is happening over at Infinity Ward, the studio behind the hit Call of Duty franchise.  Last month, Activision, the studio’s big bad corporate parent fired the heads of IW in a very surprising move.  How bad would that honestly suck?  You create one of the highest grossing video game franchises of all-time, get bought out by Actisuck, and then months after your Modern Warfare 2 title makes $500 million you get fired.

You have to love how corporate politics play out.  I mean would you not want to rip someone’s throat out if that above scenario happened to you and something you created?  The real losers in this fiasco are us, the gamers, because now IW will no longer be making new Call of Duty titles.

That fact is now even more of a reality with the departure of two of the title’s lead devs.  They allegedly resigned this week in wake of March’s bombshell firings of the studios senior executives.  Now we’ll probably never know the conclusion to the Modern Warfare story, which in my opinion has kept me on the edge of my gaming seat, and provided some of the best moments ever found in a FPS title.  Shit head executives, I hope you pay for your greed in Hell!

You’ve been enlightened…

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