Infographic Explains Why You Should Care About Big Acquisitions

Were you aware that huge companies have taken great risks to get where they are today? Companies you see everyday have taken the plunge with the hope that their risk would pay off big! From Microsoft to Google to the colossal social platform that is Facebook; they have all made huge decisions which whether you know or not, have in some way affected you.

The most recent acquisition that comes to mind would be the Oculus Rift buyout by Facebook. The company has foreseen great promise in VR Technology and so has taken the gamble. Should Oculus fail, the $2 billion they put into it is likely to hurt Facebook quite a bit!

Below is a new infographic released by Finances Online detailing all of the above and more! It shows a variety of companies and some of their most valuable assets, why they have bought them, and the risks they have taken by doing so.


Comparison of the Top Tech Company Acquisitions: Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Apple and Other Business Giants
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Via [FinancesOnline]

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