There’s been plenty of buzz about the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus this past week. Two size options, big screen, even bigger screen, new camera, faster focus, slower motion, free U2 album…we’ve heard it all by this point. With all this new technology rushing into our lives, have we ever stopped to think about how and where the iPhone is made? Fortunately the folks at CompareCamp have, and have provided us with this nifty infographic:

Apple's Manufacturing Process: Compare How Much of iPhone Is Made In The USA

As you can see, the graphic not only shows how and where the iPhone is made, but how many employees are involved in the process. It’s also interesting to note that the iPhone is still mostly assembled in China, which you may think be due to cost. It actually has more to do with the faster ability to set up an assembly line, where it takes two weeks in China, compared to nine months in the United States. If they were to set it up in the U.S., the cost of each phone would be about $4 more.

So when you get your new iPhone, take some time to appreciate the incredible amount of people and planning involved to provide you with your newest (and most fun) smartphone to date.

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