Infographic – Money Savings Tips: Celebrity Edition

Celebrities are people just like us,who just happen to make a lot more money than we do. It can be hard to feel sorry for them when even after paying taxes, they still make millions. You can’t blame them for some of the clever ways they have gone about saving money. These celebrities are working hard for their money and deserve to keep most of it.

Location can be a deciding factor in where a celebrity lives – look at Lebron James, his decision to play for the Miami Heat caused an uproar. Maybe he based it on paying less taxes than it was on getting a championship ring.

Below is an infographic from FinancesOnline giving you some facts about the good and bad decisions on how celebrities saved. It may come as a shock when you realize just how much some celebrities pay in taxes.


Net Worth of Celebrities: Smart Tricks That LeBron and Other Stars Use To Save Cash

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