Infographic: This is Why Apple is Suing Tablet Manufacturers

These days it seems like no one can make something in the technical space without having it liberally copied, or being sued by other companies who claim that their ideas were used in the making of said device.  Apple is the king of suing companies for ripping off their touch based devices such as the iPhone, and more recently the iPad.  Apple is currently suing Samsung for patent infringement claiming that Samsung (and most other tech OEM’s) more or less ripped off their iPhone and iPad designs.

As a consumer I look at these lawsuits and shake my head in disbelief.  I mean is it even possible to claim that everyone owes you money because their products look like yours?  One would think no, but that’s obviously not the case.  Although, when you look at Apple’s beef with tablet manufacturers in a visual manner it’s much easier to see their point.  There were tablets before the iPad hit the market over a year ago, but they weren’t touch based.  They all required some sort of stylus and looked like mini-briefcases. Magically after the success of Apple’s touch based tablet and content intense services like the App Store, the tech space began seeing all manufacturers switch to the touch based interface of Apple’s iPad.

On paper it still doesn’t seem like Apple has a case, but if you look at the image below from Obama Pacman it’s much easier to see that Apple may have some beef with companies like Samsung after all.  It does seem curious that all of a sudden after Apple made tablets popular, every other company scrapped their tablet designs and took a page or two out of Apple’s tablet design plans to make their tablets relevant again.  When you look at this debate visually it makes much more sense as to why Apple is trying to sue the pants off of these followers.  Take a look below and let us know if Apple has a case, or if you feel it’s just a case based on greed.  You’ve been thinking that Steve may be onto something…

Tablets Pre iPad Era – Tablets Post iPad Era


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