Infographic: What Users Want In The New iPhone

With the iPhone 6 release just days away (presumably) at the Apple event in Cupertino, the folks over at have created an infographic that compares some of the innovative features of the iPhone over the years.

The infographic also shows two surveys that ask what new features people are looking for, and what features should be improved. For the new features, the survey shows majority of folks are interested in the sapphire screen, while apps that control home appliances don’t seem to be of great importance.

In the improvement fields, majority of folks want a longer battery life (who doesn’t?), while memory improvement finishes last on the list. It’s apparent that as the phones have grown, so has users ability to properly manage the given memory.

Check out the graphic below, courtesy of Alex Hillsberg. You can read the full article here.

iphone model comparison

Via [FinancesOnline]

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