Inside Jokes: ‘The Avengers’ Shawarma Shack Fan Art

Those lucky enough to live in the US got to see an extra bonus scene after the credits of The Avengers came to a close.  It’s nothing too spoilerish, but if you want to avoid any mention of this particular scene please STOP READING NOW AND DON”T LOOK DOWN!  Seriously, just click on another one of our articles to save yourself from ruining a funny bit.





Ok so if you saw the post credit scene in The Avengers then this fan art by Jon Defreest should give you a chuckle.  The scene itself didn’t showcase any Marvel Easter eggs, but it was a hilarious call back to an earlier scene towards the end of the movie.  Check out Stark’s Shawarma Shack advertisement below.  You’ve still been loving this Marvel movie…

I’d eat here..


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