Instead of Drinking Green Beer on the 17th You Might be able to Score a HTC Thunderbolt [UPDATE]


The HTC Thunderbolt is indeed here!  You can order it today by going through Verizon’s website.

Yet another batch of rumors have surfaced regarding the launch date of HTC’s Thunderbolt smartphone for Verizon.  Orignally it was supposed to come out on 3/10, but that obviously didn’t happen.  Some insiders even said that it was delayed to clear way for the iPad 2 launch, but now the date has switched to St. Patty’s day.  Again, this is all speculation, and I don’t entirely buy it considering how many rumors these days are started about smartphones, but supposedly an HTC sales rep tweeted about this date as the release day for their 4G Android phone on the Verizon Network.

I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather go smartphone shopping than watch adults consume green beer like they were still in college.  Besides, who really wants to take sh*ts that look like you’ve been drinking Kermit the Frog p*ss all day?  You can make an as* out of yourself for drinking too much any day, so why not try and score a bada*s gadget instead.

I guess we will have to wait until Irish drinking genes appreciation day to find out if the HTC Thunderbolt will really be released or not.  I’m hoping so because my Droid X is starting to bore me, and my poor wife has been stuck using a tin can and shoe string for her cell phone so I can steal her upgrade and get a new LTE phone on the cheap.  She definitely knows how to make an Entertainment Buddha (AKA Gadget Obsessed Mega Freak) happy.  Hey, it ain’t always easy being a geek!  That’s why I’m here to assist you and your own odd geeky behavior.  We are in this never ending thirst for the latest and greatest tech gear together!  Stay tuned for more details.  You’ve been needing some Thunder in your life…

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