INSURGENCY Gets Nightvision and More

INSURGENCY the brutally challenging FPS from New World Interactive is to get its largest update yet, and it will be completely free of charge. Read the press release below for more on the huge update.

Among the wealth of new features in this update, Nightfall will be highlighted by introducing a party system to connect players with their friends in game, nightvision goggles for updated night time maps, a new level called “Verticality,” two new weapons: AK-74 and M4A1, and a brand new co-operative game mode called Survival.

Survival seems to offer a whole new challenge for those familiar with the game, and forces players to work together to overcome uneven odds. Here’s what Jeremy Blum, founder of New World Interactive had to say about the mode.

“Night combat adds a lot to INSURGENCY. The game is already very intense, but when you are forced to pay attention to the shadows, utilize night vision, and flashlights, INSURGENCY truly turns into a both terrifying and highly enjoyable experience,” said Jeremy Blum, Founder and Game Director of NWI. “The new Survival mode brings the most out of this experience. In it you must move from safehouse-to-safehouse, and evade enemy detection with your friends. The enemy gets more and more difficult as your team progresses, and with the cover of night it can get quite scary as they attempt to surround and eliminate you and your team.”

Do the new additions in INSURGENCY have your attention? The game certainly appears better than ever with them, be sure to look at the screenshots below featuring the new update.

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