Intel’s Light Peak AKA Thunderbolt I/O Tech is Blazing

Apple announced on the 24th that their new line of MacBooks will be the first devices to sport Intel’s new input/ouput technology officially called Thunderbolt.  From what I can gather Intel’s Thunderbolt tech will be a super high speed port, which can be used to transfer large data chunks and HD content on the fly.  Transfer speeds are said to be close to 10Gbps!  That is faster than sh*t through a goose people!  Can you imagine copying a file that is 10GB’s in a minute?  Well you’ll be able to once this tech drops on Apple’s newest line of Macbook Pro notebooks.

Apple will be the first tech company to implement this blazingly fast I/O tech, but don’t count other devices out yet.  Intel is planning on supporting their Thunderbolt tech in various devices, as well as planned support for USB 2.0/3.0.  Thunderbolt itself will be powered by an Intel controller chip with a small connector that should also support mobile devices.  The technology will use PCI Express for data transfers and the DisplayPort for video displays, which enables Thunderbolt to only require 1 cable, as it will be able to transfer both types of information simultaneously.  Any device with the technology will be able to connect to each other through the Thunderbolt connector, and they can be daisy chained for a train of data transfering.  I’m all about the “Less is More” mantra, so I’m really liking where this technology is going.

At first Light Peak, now known as Thunderbolt, was going to be a light based technology using fiber optics, but due to some time constraints the first version of Thunderbolt will still use good old copper to transmit data.  Although, Intel reported that their engineers did have a light based version working this past Summer, which provided a staggering 50Gbps transfer speed.  You couldn’t projectile vomit faster than that!

I’m hoping to see this in the PC market soon, because I’m not quite ready to jump on the Apple bandwagon yet, but I may have to because I have the patience level of a small child with ADD.  So if I could get my hands on some tech that enabled lightning quick data transfers I’m all over it.  I can’t stand waiting for anything, especially data copies when I’m in a rush.  When I see that progress bar taking its time I want to reach into my laptop and squeeze its balls!  Stay tuned for more updates as they drop.  You’ve been wishing you had some Thunderbolt in your digital life…


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