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So over the past month, I was able to chat with an up and coming musician by the name of Josiah Williams. Josiah is an excellent lyricist that makes some damn good music. He also is the genius behind the Wrestle and Flow YouTube channel where he takes wrestling theme songs and raps over them. The videos are awesome as are his songs, which you can find on iTunes and Spotify! Our interview, which you can read below, was awesome and I am hoping to speak to him again soon! So check out my buddy, Josiah Williams. (YouTube Channel, Spotify Page, Website) The video above is my favorite Wrestle & Flow so make sure to check it out!

1. What is your biggest inspiration for music?
·      I’ve always been someone who creates music that’s realistic, or based on true situations. If you listen to my music, that’s mostly what you’re gonna hear. It also explains why I chose “Josiah Williams,” my actual name, as my artist name. Nothing is different between myself and my artistry. So, the situations that occur in my life… or the things that I’m passionate about… that’s what serves as an influence.
2. How did you come up with the idea for Wrestle & Flow?
·      I released a professional wrestling themed, Christian Hip-Hop album in April of 2018. Afterwards, I found myself taking a break from writing and recording… not wanting to rush my own process. So, I decided to try to do something different, something unique, something that wasn’t really happening at the time. It’s is an idea that I’ve had for years, and I never did anything about it. One day, I decided that it was time. “Wrestle and Flow” began as just remixing wrestling theme songs. Now it’s a video series that tells a story with each release, and is truly personal to the wrestler, event or topic that is discussed.
3. Which wrestler has your favorite theme song, both old era and current era.
·      Randy Orton’s “Voices” theme, and Drew McIntyre’s “Broken Dreams.” I feel like both songs truly speak to the character that they embodied as professional wrestlers. The lyrics, the power in the production, the grit and edge that you hear in the theme. And how they utilized the themes in their entrances. Speaking of “edge,” let’s also include Edge’s theme song in this discussion.
4. On that topic, who is your favorite male wrestler of the current roster? (Includes NXT)
·      Adam Cole and Drew McIntyre
5. Female?
·      Bianca Belair
6. Did you always want to do music? If not, what was your first aspiration?
·      I’ve been in theatre since I was four years old, and my Bachelor degree is in Theatre Performance. I wanted to be an actor for much of my life. Music, for me, started in my first year of college. Now? Neither are truly my life goal. Don’t get me wrong! If an opportunity presents itself to be a full-time musician, I will certainly take it. But my dream is to open a community arts center, where kids can come and learn about music, dance, theatre, photography, videography… Those were the opportunities presented to me as a kid, and you don’t really see that anymore. Schools cut it out of their budget, and it seems like parents aren’t seeking that out for their kids as much. That’s what put me on this path, and I want to make sure other kids get that opportunity.
7. What are your other hobbies aside from music?
·      I am the emcee for the Bradley Braves men’s basketball team… I lead Bible studies for college students, and do a lot of stuff at church… I’ve played drums for 16 years, and I love playing for Latin Dance events (salsa, bachata, merengue, etc.)…I love video editing, and playing with Final Cut Pro X… I love watching The Office, the best show ever… I still collect Pokemon cards… I spend most of my day listening to music on Spotify… I play NBA 2K, WWE 2K, and The Sims 3… I love to cook… I love writing and recording music…
8. Favorite movie that released this past year?
·      Incredibles 2. I waited years for this movie, and it was absolutely worth the wait.
9. Do you have any dream matchups that youd love to see one day?
·      Daniel Bryan vs. Pete Dunne needs to main event a Wrestlemania one day.
10. Last question, if you could become a breakout wrestling star, which promotion would you want to be apart of? What would your name be and your signature move?
·      I would want to perform on NXT, for sure. They have captured my heart over the past few years. NXT has had the best product of all WWE shows. Best storylines, best matches, most surprises, etc. And I believe that their fanbase is the most loyal. I want Drew McIntyre’s old “Future Shock DDT.” I have no idea what my name would be… something like Joey Platinum. My character would be very similar to who I am. Also, I want a nice, slow entrance…. But to a hype trap track.

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