Interview With The Team Behind ‘A Plague Tale: Innocence’

The game development process is usually a long and arduous one, but a massively rewarding one in the end. Not only was I privileged enough to review the titular game, A Plague Tale: Innocence, but I also had the opportunity to chat with the team that crafted this beautiful game. You can find the questions and answers with the team at Asobo, below! If you wanted to know what we thought of the game, you can find out here!

1.    First off, I absolutely love the look and feel of this game, with that being said, this is a stealth game, what stealth elements has your team used that would set it apart from other games in the genre?
A Plague Tale is an adventure game that uses stealth as a gameplay mechanic! Yes, you’ll have a lot of stealth in the game, but not only. We won’t spoil, but let’s just say that you won’t have to walk in high grasses from beginning to end. In A Plague Tale: Innocence, every piece of gameplay serves the story we want to tell. This game is about discovering the story and living the experience we’ve built. I think this is what really sets A Plague Tale apart from other games.
2.    Knowing that this was a team effort, was there something in particular that happened that made you guys say for sure that this was the concept you wanted to use? In short, what was the inspiration behind the setting for A Plague Tale: Innocence?
I think it came pretty naturally. Like, we wanted to tell a story that would move us, that would talk to us. We wanted to show bonds, and we wanted to speak the truth: that is what you find in a tale, isn’t it? So yeah. The historical background came during the process. And the Guyenne, well, that’s where we live, so I believe there’s no need to explain that too much!
3.    Having children myself, the story of this brother and sister really hits home. I can feel the emotion just from watching trailers. Without revealing too much, how heavy does the story get? Am I going to cry?
Without revealing too much, it does get heavy. In fact it gets really harsh in the very first twenty minutes. I don’t know if you’ll cry. But you’ll feel a ton of emotions for sure. Well, our Community Manager cried, twice, and she’s a pretty tough one, so, maybe you’ll cry a little, yes.
4.    Lighting seems to be a very important aspect of A Plague Tale: Innocence. Can we expect some unique uses of light in the game to help ward off the rats?
Light is what will (mainly) keep you safe from the rats so we worked a lot on this. The game is set during the middle ages so it’s not easy to, first, find light, and then keep it. You will find advanced type of lights that will allow you to manipulate the rats to a degree (block, move, direct, etc.) so even if we haven’t re-imagined lights you will find some pretty unique ways of playing with those.
5.    On the topic of the rats, what a chilling antagonist to put into the game. There are probably few things scarier than being swarmed and eaten alive by rats. Set in the time of the Plague, will we be seeing any other elements that our protagonists will have to worry about? Or are the rats the only major element.
Humans would be the second major element. There’s a Latin locution that you might already know that says: homo homini lupus est. Which means “a man is a wolf to another man”. This will get truer than ever in A Plague Tale: Innocence. Amicia and Hugo are hunted by the Inquisition and will face people ready to do anything to survive.
6.    While rats are still on the mind, will the player have to worry about any unscripted parts where they will have to deal with the rats? For example, if you die in one part, will that same part have rats to deal with or will they have moved on?
No, the game is pretty linear and remains the same after each failure (or success).
7.    About how long do you think it will take to get through the entirety of the game and are there side objectives to complete as well as getting through the main story of the game?
It will take you about 12 to 15 hours to complete A Plague Tale: Innocence’s main story, depending on how you play. Then you’ll have some collectibles to find so it might take a little longer. If you want to get all the trophies, you’ll have to spend even more time on the game. We’ve thought about that and allowed a chapter selection in your game so you’ll be able to travel from one chapter to another to replay the parts you want to replay if you don’t want to go through the whole story again, that’s up to you really.
8.    Are there multiple ways the siblings’ story can end? Will there be incentive to play the game more than once?
No, there’s only one end to the story. But if you finish the original version (English audio), you might want to give the French version a shot as the actors did had different input. That is another way to relive the story.
9.    What will Amicia have at her disposal to deal with not only the plight of the rats, but the Inquisition that is after her and Hugo?
Amicia can use her sling to face threats and she will discover Alchemy that will help her create several types of ammunition. Sometimes the best way to survive will be also to use the rats against the inquisition, or the opposite.
10.    I am super excited for this game to come out, though I am not a huge fan of stealth games, will A Plague Tale: Innocence be friendly to someone that isn’t great at these types of games?
Hopefully it will! The game has been designed to be accessible to everyone. You might struggle a little bit if you’re used to go straight from point A to point B and to use direct force but if you take time to listen to the characters that will accompany you through your journey, they’ll be a great help and will allow you to get all the tools to keep you alive.

11.    Lastly, do you guys have any plans of extending this game past when it releases initially? Or as a whole, is your team satisfied with how it all wraps up in the end? (If it does, I’m eager to find out myself)
That is one tough question. Yes, the team is satisfied with how it ends. A Plague Tale: Innocence has been made as a stand-alone game and we’ve told the story we wanted to tell since the beginning. Now it’s time for the team to rest a bit! 2

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