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EB 3.0 Design

Long time fans of may have noticed some glaring changes taking place with the site over the past few days, because we’ve been overhauling both the back and front ends with the hopes of offering an even better Internet experience.  The layout of the site hasn’t changed drastically, but the overall flow of information is much more fluid and natural.  The goal was to update the site’s core code to the new HTML 5 and CSS3 standards, while also giving it a more professional look and feel.

For the most part I think we accomplished that goal.  The changes have cost us some views, and Google is probably pissed at our new code, but I’m hoping with your help that our numbers get back to normal sooner than later.  I would also appreciate your feedback in regards to the design of EB 3.0 (3rd major site revision since inception in 2010).

Do you love it, hate it, have no feelings towards it?  Let us have it!  Your opinions are extremely valuable to us.  Let us know how it functions, and if you’ve noticed any bugs.  I’m the only one who has been testing it out, so it’d be nice to have additional sets of eyes testing it out to make sure everything is doing what it’s supposed to be doing.

I can tell that it was a long and arduous process that kept me awake for 41 hours at one point, but I must say that I had fun doing it.  Yes, I’m that kind of geek.  In the end the time investment and pain were worth it to me, so I hope you find that they’re also worth it to you.

Like I asked please provide any feedback that you may have in regards to 3.0.  You can leave a comment on this post, or send us your opinion by using our contact page.  You’ve been thinking that I’m a glutton for punishment…


EB 3.0 Revision List

  • Homepage features a recent post slider with large graphic
  • Right sidebar area contains more content related to the site: YouTube Gallery, BotWiG section, Gaming section, Review section, and a Web Gems section
  • New Footer graphic and organization
  • AddThis integration for social sharing in posts
  • Social Icons for the site in top right section of every page
  • Additional ads that still don’t get in the way of reading content
  • Darker background
  • New font
  • Smaller header logo
  • And more


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