Chances are, if you’re a fan of Duke Nukem 3dShadow Warrior, Blood, or any other FPS from the early to mid 90’s, you’ll be intrigued by Ion Maiden. It’s developed in the Build Engine, the same engine that the aforementioned games were developed in, and it’s a spectacle to see. Somehow they’ve taken an age-old graphics engine and really shown off how well it has aged (no sarcasm here). The game runs buttery smooth and lightning fast, especially on the nice gaming PCs that they had on the show floor at PAX East this year.

It’s almost like a new Duke Nukem 3D, with the way that it looks, feels, and sounds. The weapons are very similarly a mix between realistic and over-the-top stuff that we all know and love from 3D Realms. You start with a simple magnum revolver, but you quickly pick up heat-seeking bowling bombs within just a few minutes. You really do bowl the bombs, too, and they zip right over to the closest enemy and blow the ever-loving shit out of them. Mind you, this is all happening while the main protagonist is spouting cheesy one-liners.

To top it all off, they handed me a damn floppy disk before I left, which really threw me off. Joke was on me, though, because it actually turned into a USB drive, and it is by far the coolest USB drive I’ve ever had. It came with some sweet screenshots and videos and also the demo that I played at PAX. Not only did I play the demo, though, I played Queen of the Hill, which is sort of an endless survival mission. You’re on the hill with unlimited minigun ammo and tons of enemies coming at you from every angle. It’s a blast to test yourself and see how far you can get, and really reminds you how tough those early shooters were. The game was awesome and I really can’t wait to play it, I hope that it gets more and more episodes as it comes out!

And guys, if you release it on floppy disks, I’ll buy it, seriously, release this in a special big box just like in the 90’s. I want it, you want it, everyone wants it, make my dreams come true.

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