iOS 4.0.1 Patch to Allow iPhone 4 Users to Use Phone With Their Hands

For those of you familiar with the iPhone 4 and its reception issue while holding it, Apple may have a fix ready to roll for you.  Basically, the 4 as I’m going to call it, can lose its reception if not held correctly according to Apple.  By the way, only Apple would have the balls to come out and say that users need to hold their phones the “right” way rather than admitting to an underlying issue.  Classic pompous Apple, love it!

Anyway, iOS 4.0.1 should be released sometime this week, if not today, that will address the reception issue on the 4 and other iPhone models.  I guess the main issue with the reception problem may be software related and not hardware related like many insiders thought, so this OS patch may correct the problem.  Supposedly, the current software doesn’t know how to select the best signals properly and that’s why the reception tanks.

Hopefully for you Apple fanboys this is the case.  I was able to see a 4 in action this weekend and I must say it is a thing of beauty, but I am getting a kick out of the fact that it already has issues.  I love Apple and think their gear is amazing, but I also think the company and its fans are quite cocky, so it’s nice to see them stumble.

Yeah, I’m that type of guy who likes to see the greats falter every once in awhile.  Don’t worry though Apple nation, 1.7 million 4’s have already been sold, so the issues aren’t stopping the money from pouring into Jobs’ pockets.  You’ve been dropped from your call because you’re holding your phone wrong dummy…
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