I came across a very unique video that uses some excellent stop-motion photography, and a little plasticine, to re-create the iPad 2 minus all of the technical wizardry that prevents people with a low cash flow from owning one.  This video presents the case that users without Apple’s massively popular tablet may indeed be more creative than those users who can afford one.  Svetlana Shokhanova is the mastermind behind this creation, and as you’ll see she’s got a very vivid imagination when it comes to how she envisions her iPad 2.

Where do people come up with these ideas?  Regardless, I love her version of the iPad 2, and since I don’t have one I got more out of her video than ones that actually feature a real iPad 2.  Check out the discount version of the iPad 2 below.  If you’ve only got $20, some skill, and an imagination then this is the iPad 2 for you.  You’ve been hoping that you get a real tablet one day, so you don’t have to break out the Play-Doh every time you want to pretend that you have one…

Plasticine iPad



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