iPad 3 Announcement Confirmed for March 7th?

The iPad 3 announcement rumors have come to a head today with many sources guaranteeing that Apple will unveil the iPad 3 on March 7th.  Just last week we posted some rumors that detailed an iPad 3 launch happening in early March, but today all of those same sources are pointing at the 7th as the exact reveal date.  There’s just too many outlets claiming this date as the real deal for me to debunk it, so I’m jumping on the 3.7.12 iPad 3 announcement day bandwagon.

There’s also been some new rumors about the guts of the iPad 3 mainly in regards to its CPU.  Supposedly the 3 will sport the new A6 quad-core processor, but that hasn’t been confirmed yet.  We will just have to wait until the official announcement to see what the iPad 3 will have under its hood.  For now I’d just bank on the fact that it’ll have a retina display.

It’s only a few weeks now fanboys, so who’s going to get their 3 first?  I know I’m down for launch day, and for you haters out there who make fun of Apple people for buying new versions of hardware every year I’ve got three words for you: Get, A, JOB!  You’ve never been more pleased with technology now that you’ve allowed Apple into your life…


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