iPad 3 Announcement Incoming in March with Pics

I’m officially jumping on the iPad 3 announcement event rumor train, because I’ve received over a gillyun articles today from various sources stating in good faith that Apple will announce the iPad 3 at an event during the first week of March.  The timing just makes sense considering it falls in the same period that the previous two iPads were announced.  If all goes as planned I’m expecting to have an iPad 3 in my possession by the end of March!  Just what I need, I know, but if you don’t upgrade your gadgets then what is living life all about?

In addition to the heavy rumors about the iPad 3 announcement a few leaked shots of the new tablet have supposedly surfaced as well.  According to the findings the overall form factor of the 3 will not vary much from the 2, but it’s guts will be completely different.  As of right now the only confirmed aspect of the iPad 3’s hardware is the fact that it will sport a retina-like display.  I’d imagine that the processor will get a shot of juice too, but don’t expect the overall look to be that much different than the deuce.  I guess it’s time to check on the old Best Buy credit limit, because I’m making it my mission to buy the iPad 3 on day 1 of its rumored late March debut.  You’ve been wishing Apple wouldn’t innovate so much…

Rumored iPad 3 Case

Inside Case

Back of Case

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