iPad Camera Issue Resolved – Go Buy an iPhone 3GS!

You absolutely have to love geeks!  They typically find a solution or work around for any of today’s technological barriers.  Most of the iPad critics have complained that it doesn’t come with a camera, which I tend to agree needs to be added, but isn’t a reason not to get one.  Well there’s already a hillbilly rig available to accomplish just what the critics want.

That’s right, the iPad does in fact have a camera!  You just need to buy an iPhone 3GS if you don’t already have one, and two apps, one for the phone and another for the pad.  The apps are called Camera A and Camera B with the ‘A’ version costing a ducket.  Once you install Camera A on your phone, and then Camera B on your [slider title=”pad”]That’s my slang for the iPad, not to be confused with maxi-pad.[/slider], your pretty much ready to start streaming video from your iPhone to the iPad once you pair the devices together using Bluetooth technology.  Now you can see your ugly ass face on a bigger screen, or video chat with that hot girl on your dating site who is actually a dude.

There you have it, an iPad with a camera.  All for the low price of a couple hundred bucks!  Honestly, if you already have an iPhone it’d be quite cheap to hook up, but Apple still needs to build a camera in and I guarantee you there’ll be one with iPad v2.  If you want to see some video of this setup in action check out the link below.

You’ve been enlightened, at a cost for some…

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