True to form for any new hardware launch someone or some nations in this case will get left behind.  It seems even Apple didn’t realize how popular their new iPad devices would be, because they are scrambling to find some sort of a supply for the European launch.  This hardware shortage has always baffled me in regards to gaming consoles or high-end gadgets.

These companies have to know that their fans will eat up whatever they put out, so why not plan on having plenty of hardware on hand to meet the demand.  By creating these shortages more hype may be generated for the product, but only the black market will benefit.  For example, the last video game console releases which occurred a few years back, led to many rabid gamers paying highly inflated prices on black market sites such as Ebay and Craigslist.

Why let these sites and the jerks who capitalize on fan mania even have the chance to sell your hardware to consumers?  I have a hard time buying that these companies don’t know how popular their new gadgets will be, which leads to hardware shortages.  You’re telling me that Apple really didn’t expect to sell that many iPads?  Horseshit, if anything they should’ve started building up supply once all the pre-order numbers came in.

Like I said before, I have no clue why this happens, but I’m sure the suits who make the decisions are behind it.  They’re probably the assholes who end up selling these highly sought after items on Ebay, so they can make even more money from their consumers.  Fanmania, it’s a bitch.

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