iPad Pushes Slingbox to Include HD Stream

Can you tell that I’m fixated on the iPad right now?  It’s just more proof of Apple’s ability to captivate the masses.  For those of you that don’t know the Slingbox is a device that you can hook up to your TV at home and then watch it from anywhere that has an Internet connection.  This means it can be watched from your PC, 3G devices, and Wi-Fi enabled devices.

I’ve personally seen it run on a Verizon based smartphone and the technology is absolutely amazing.  There isn’t a better device for someone that is a full on TV junky.  It seems that with the introduction of the iPad the geeks over at Slingbox will be re-configuring the SlingPlayer iPhone app to support HD streaming for the iPad.  It won’t be available at the launch of the iPad, but I’d assume the upgrade will arrive in the near future.

Now the iPad will not only be God’s gift to geeks, but it’ll let you catch up on your HD programming on the move.  Who doesn’t need one of these things now?

You’ve been enlightened…

Via [Gizmodo]


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