iPad: Regardless of the Bat Smashing 300,000 Units Sold on Day 1

Dummies who recorded the destruction of their iPad are 1 of 300,000 peeps who bought it on launch day.  I would say 300,000 units moved on the first day, which is impressive for a device whose lowest price point is $500, is pretty stellar.  Even more encouraging for Apple is the movement of iPad apps and e-books.

Per Steve Jobs, “iPad users, on average, downloaded more than three apps and close to one book within hours of unpacking their new iPad.”  That’s just hours after buying them!  Think about that for a second.  Imagine how many apps they purchased over the weekend.  It looks like Jobs has another cash printing device on his hands, that mo fo.

I’m trying to pretend that I’m not missing out by being iPadless, but it’s a farce.  I want one now!!!  I really have no use for it, but the desire to tool around with one is eating me up inside.  If you’re feeling gracious and want some good karma sent your way, go ahead and send me one by clicking on the “Help a Buddha out link” on the sidebar.  Yes I have no shame anymore!

You’ve been enlightened…

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