iPad Sells 1 Mil Faster Than the iPhone – Move Over Little Bro!

The iPad, or Big Bro of the iPhone, has sold a million units in just 28 flipping days!  This means that 1 in every 300 Americans has an iPad now.  That’s an impressive stat to think about and only makes me feel more like a loser for not having one.  I guess people want iPads after all, so much for the haters thinking that the device had no real use for your average person.

It reached the million mark in half as much time as it took the iPhone to do the same thing.  There’s over 90 million iPhones in circulation, so do the math for the potential number of iPads roaming the country in a few years.  Apple is taking over our lives!

Now that the iPad is super successful, even more companies will benefit from its popularity.  I guess iPad users have already downloaded 12 million apps, and 1.5 million e-books.  These things are like ATM’s for companies that supply apps for it, or authors that have e-books to sell.  Apple strikes digital-gold once again, big surprise right?  You’ve been left wanting an iPad…

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Via [Wired]


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