iPad Sells 2 Million Units and is a Great Japanese Magic Prop…

In less than 60 days the iPad has sold 2 million units worldwide.  How’s that for a successful product launch?  I’d say Apple has another money printing device on their hands.  Must be nice Jobs!  I still yearn for an iPad, but at this point I’m content to wait until the 2nd generation iPads come out, which is likely to happen sometime in 2011.  In the mean time, for those of you that don’t know what an iPad can do for you, just check out the video below.

Some dude in Japan is using the iPad as a magic prop, and the tricks are pretty dope.  I must admit, if I was the magician I may have picked a better location to film than a busy street, but what the hell do I know?  Half the time all you can hear is street traffic, but the dude just keeps hammering through his routine.  I give him credit for not breaking character while you hear tanks driving up and down the street.  It’s actually kind of funny and only displays the Japanese extreme uses of discipline.  You’ve been given another reason to own an iPad…


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