iPads May Cause Loss of Fingers

I know iPads are all the rage right now, but would you ever think buying one may result in the loss of one of your fingers?  I’m sure that thought hasn’t even crossed your mind, but unfortunately in this day and age of rampant scum in the world, anything is possible.  In fact a man in Denver, CO experienced this horrifying scenario when he went to pick up an iPad for a friend.

Talk about  karma kicking you right in the nuts!  This poor guy wasnt’ even buying the iPad for himself.  He was picking it up for a friend and doesn’t really even see the reason why iPads are so desirable.  Sometimes it truly doesn’t pay to be the good guy.

The Denver area man went to his local Apple store and picked up the iPad.  Upon receiving his technical goodness he wrapped the bag’s strings around his fingers and left the store.  Unknown to him some low-life turds were waiting in the wings for his new toy.  Once they saw him the jacked the bag and in the process tore all of his pinkie finger skin from his digit!  What a suckey day for this guy, and why do people have to be so crappy?  I think I may start carrying my Rambo-knife anywhere I go.  Losing a finger is acceptable to me, but not an awesome gadget such as the iPad.

You’ve been enlightened…

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