iPhone 4 Issues – Better Not Use Your Hands While Using It…D’Oh

Today is iPhone 4 day, and it seems this happy day has been slightly spoiled by some major technical glitches.  The biggest issue is with the phone’s antenna when you grip it.  If you remember, the iPhone 4’s antenna is in a steel band that encompasses the phone.

I guess when you hold the new phone like a normal person would, the phone’s signal slowly disappears and dies.  Once you put the phone down the signal magically returns.  At first many people have speculated that this may be a coincidence, but I guess multiple reports are coming in that this behavior is happening more often than not.  I guess it’s becoming so widely reported that Gizmodo has posted a video gallery of the issue and user videos.  I’m including one of the vids down at the bottom for your viewing pleasure.

Supposedly some professor touched on the fact that human tissue is a known inhibitory medium to radio signals.  I guess the antenna when covered with flesh turns its energy into heat, which weakens the strength[slider title=”.”]Professor information paraphrased from Wired article.[/slider]  Sounds like someone dropped the ball over at Apple QA.  I guess they need to drop bye the Foxconn plant and see what those suicidal workers are up to.  It sounds like they’re too busy killing themselves to test out Apple’s new products.  Either way a major bummer for Apple fanboys.  Check out one of the user videos below.


If the lost signal trick via your hand gimmick isn’t bad enough, I guess another glitch is affecting the iPhone 4.  Supposedly, a bunch of iPhone 4 customers have been reporting a yellow blob appearing in various spots on the screen.  This is a glitch that would make me mental.  I have a hard enough time not focusing on a single pixel out on the screen, so a large yellow spot on my screen would make me cry.

Gizmodo is running a tally on how many customers got bit by the pee screen bug.  Currently, they have 51 reported cases and pictures, as well as user submitted stories.  In true fanboy fashion most of the affected users are saying it’s no big deal they’ll just get a replacement.  Yeah I guess, but I’d be pissed as pig who just had his nuts cleaved off.  When a buy a hihg-end expensive toy I want the thing to work right our of the box.  Check out a pic of some of the pee stains below.  If you want to see more pics, and read some testimonies head on over to Gizmodo.

Image Courtesy of Gizmodo

It looks like Apple is getting off on the wrong foot with the iPhone 4.  These issues remind me of Microsoft’s problems with the original Xbox 360, and all of its hardware related issues at launch.  I just never thought a company as hardcore as Apple would ever let stuff like this happen.  I guess we know why Steve Jobs was having all of those connection issues at the WWDC.  See what happens when you become the biggest IT company in the world?  You’ve been given an iPhone 4 that requires you to have no hands and like pee colored screens…

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Via [Wired and Gizmodo]


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