Rumors have been swirling around the 4th generation iPhone, which may be released to consumers this summer.  It seems Gizmodo has stumbled upon the device itself, probably leaked from some techno-nerd from Apple.  Does the iPhone seem to go through one too many revisions?  I mean this has to be the 4th version of the iPhone in 3 years!  I’m kind of glad that I don’t own one, because I, like most gadget-freaks, probably would’ve purchased each new version upon their respective releases.

Why can’t companies make a device without improving upon it every few months anymore?  I guess we have all become victims to the rapid growth that hardware technology is experiencing these days.  I’m all for the next best thing in tech, but sometimes it feels like we’re getting hosed when companies release better versions of their products every few months.

Anyway, the new iPhone looks pretty sleek and has some additional features that the 3GS version doesn’t.  There is a forward facing camera now, which will probably be used for facial recognition based apps, and potential video chats via software like Skype.  There is a new hi-res screen which is so rich you can’t really even tell the exact number of pixels it’s displaying.  A second mic is included to help cancel noises, which is similar to the setup found on the Nexus One.

The body of the iPhone 4G seems to have side buttons for volume now, and looks a little more squared off in its design.  There is also the inclusion of a mini-sim card port on the side of the phone similar to a feature found on the iPad.  The last notable features are a bigger flash for the rear facing camera, and the overall chassis seems to be thinner than previous iPhone models.

Are you the type of person who will have to own the new iPhone 4G even though you just bought the 3GS 6 months ago?  Will Apple’s new 4GS grip your thoughts and force you to lose sleep until you own one?  I know it would for me, but luckily I’m poor and don’t have to waste such thoughts on petty devices anymore.  Yeah that’s a lie, but it makes me feel better inside.

You’ve been enlightened…

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