Another rogue next-gen iPhone has surfaced in Vietnam.  How in the hell is that even possible?  I didn’t even know that Nam had modern technology, and now they have one of the next great gadgets in Apple’s stable!  There’s actually a video now instead of just pictures, but it’s in Vietnamese, so I’ll have to translate it for you.  After the video you can also see the phone broken down into its components.  Enjoy!


Translation of the video provides the following insight:

“Holy shit, how the hell did I end up with this device?  I live in Nam and still don’t even have running water, but somehow I obtained this awesome toy.  Look it’s pretty neat, and you can beat on it like a drum.  It’s a little more rounded than the iPhone 3GS, and much slimmer like my Grandma, who hasn’t eaten in 3 weeks because our rice patty was spoiled.  It also is very shiny, and if I rub the screen a genie may pop out and take me away from this horrible place.  Please, someone save me!  I figured if I stole an iPhone 4G and made a YouTube video, someone would see it and answer my prayers.  Take me to a country that isn’t poor.  I’ll give you this device in exchange for my freedom.  Look, I’m pushing these buttons to make it look like I’m showing you the phone, but I’m really just stalling because some guy has a gun to my head.  Please Apple, come here and take your new phone with you, and arrest me so I can go to an American jail, which would be a delight compared to this island.  Someone, please kill me!  Thank you.”

I’ll admit it’s a rough translation, but pretty close.  Check out the guts of the phone that our poor little friend was showing us.

My nonsense aside, it looks like a great phone.  The more sightings of these things can only mean it’s well on its way to a store near you.  Stay tuned for anymore iPhone 4G updates, or share some of your own through the comment system.  You’ve hopefully giggled at my attempt to be silly…

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