Iphone App Can Make Your Ipod Touch a Phone!

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I’m not going to go into detail because the article is quite long and full of info, but basically there is a new app for the IPhone and subsequently the Ipod Touch that adds a second line.  The app is called, “Line2″ and was designed by [slider title=”Toktumi”]How much do you think they paid a think tank of MBA grads to come up with that clever name?[/slider].  Its basic function is adding a second line to your phone or a line period to your Touch.  Line2, from what I could decipher clones the Iphone’s phone software to add a second line.  Why is a second line so nice?  Well Line2 can run over Wi-Fi, which means no air charges!  Plus most phones have the worst reception indoors, so if you have a Wi-Fi network at your house or local pub you could tap into that if you’re having reception issues.

It’s not completely free talking because the Line2 service costs 15 bones a month, but that’s much cheaper than adding more minutes to your AT&T plan.  I think their main demographic for this app is aimed at small businesses, so they can add a second professional feeling line to their IPhone.  I’m have tempted to demo it on my Ipod Touch, so I can claim to have an IPhone albeit the ghetto version poor man style.  I’m still not sure how it works on the Touch unless you get some sort of headphones that have a mic, but I’m sure the rocket scientists who work for Apple have some sort of accessory for it.  Feel free to read the full article using the link below.  One day there will be an app that can beam you across the world.  I’m convinced Steve Jobs knows something the rest of us regular humans don’t.

You’ve been enlightened…

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