iPhone OS 4 Makes Its Debut

Apple is holding a press conference as I type this article on the release of iPhone OS 4, which will also be available for the Touch and iPad.  The theme of the new OS is multitasking and integration of Apple’s devices.  Like anything Apple creates I’m sure the changes will be excellent.

Some insiders are comparing the multitasking features to the Android OS, which is slowly building up momentum on the smartphone OS front.  For those of you that don’t know what Android is it’s Google’s open source OS, which means anyone can use the tech to design for it.  Anything open source is widely excepted by the geek nation, so expect great things from Android.

Anyway, if you want more in-depth details on Apple’s presentation regarding the iPhone OS 4 follow the Gizmodo link below.  I wonder if Apple will charge for the OS upgrade, I know they typically do for the iPod Touch.  There’s a little Microsoft in everybody after all.

You’ve been enlightened…

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