iPhone Will be Getting NBA Jam Port

EA Sports recently announced that they will be releasing their remade version of NBA Jam for the iPhone platform.  Apple still seems to nab the good stuff first even with the Android platform gaining quite an amazing movement in the smartphone sector.  If you’re a a Fandroid you too can score NBA Jam on your phone if you use an emulator and the appropriate ROM (only if you own the game thief!), but I must admit that the old 16-bit graphics are kind of weak if done this way.  I’d totally go for the NBA Jam iPhone version if it gets released on the Android Market, which almost will happen if EA knows there’s more money to be made.  It’s all about CREAM in the business world people!  Exclusives don’t mean jack these days, just ask AT&T.

For now, if you’re an Android user you’ll just have to be green with envy over the iPhone’s ported NBA Jam remake.  You can check it out in action by viewing the clip below.  It looks pretty solid with some very intuitive controls laid out on the screen, and the improved graphics from the recent console versions.  Kudos to Apple for securing the NBA Jam port first, and kudos to Google for providing an open source mobile OS that allows its users to play games from their youth.  You’ve been wondering if the NBA Jam port will make its way to the Market…


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