iPhone X Cases Review: UAG’s Plyo and Monarch Military Grade Cases

The iPhone X has been out for a few weeks now, and thanks to its glass body design, it’s a device that must be protected. If you don’t protect this phone with a cover, you could seriously damage it to the point of having to pay over $249 to get it fixed. This is because the screens aren’t cheap, and the entire chassis is glass, so keeping them both free from cracks and dings is key at maintaining the beauty of your iPhone X.

One company that has become a major played in smartphone protection is UAG, and it now has a series of iPhone X cases that can protect your device with military grade precision. We were sent the UAG Plyo case, and the Monarch case for the iPhone X, and over the past two week I tested them both out. In general, both provide the type of drop protection you’re looking for, and both case lines have reinforced corners to give them even more shock protection.


The main difference between the Plyo and the Monarch is their form factor. The Plyo is what I would call a minimalist case, because it doesn’t add much bulk at all to the tiny iPhone X. This case keeps the phone’s width at a minimal level, so you can still easily navigate the iPhone X with just a thumb. Each corner also has air bubbles to protect them from drops. They’re very similar to the air bubbles you’d find in a pair of Nike’s, so there is plenty of give in each corner.

Thanks to the case’s see through design, it’s also a great case for allowing the iPhone X’s look to shine. Most phone cases cover the device to the point where it’s hard to even recognize what brand they are, but that’s not the case with UAG’s Plyo case. You still get to see the sexy iPhone X in all its glory with this case on, but you also get the added bonus of having your phone protected.

The biggest downside to this case isn’t a major deal, but thanks to the clear design, the case is susceptible to finger prints. This case gets loaded with prints right out of the gate, so while you get to see the iPhone X at all times, you’ll also be looking at all sorts of print smudges.

If you’re looking for a great case that isn’t too big and allows the iPhone X’s hardware to still be seen, you can’t go wrong with UAG’s Plyo.


The Monarch case is a bit more rugged than the Plyo, but it still doesn’t add a ton of bulk to the iPhone X. It’s more industrial looking thanks to its plastic guard backing, and riveted corners. It doesn’t have air pockets in its corners, but they’re still reinforced with a few extra layers of plastic. There’s also a faux leather look going on in the back, so the visual design is quite appealing, if not tough looking.

In terms of the form factor this case adds only a slight bit of width when compared to the Plyo case. The iPhone X still fits snuggly in one hand and can be operated with just one thumb. The case has honeycomb-style grips on the side to keep your hands glued to the case while holding it, and all of the buttons are large enough to hit without thought.

I’m not a huge fan of the overall look, because it hides the beautiful design of the iPhone X, but the look of the case is pretty cool itself. It definitely offers an industrial look, and turns the iPhone X into a construction-site-looking piece of gear.

If you’re looking for a case that provides extreme protection while also giving your iPhone X a more mechanical look, then UAG’s Monarch line of cases will get the job done.

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Review Statement: The author of this review was provided samples by UAG for the purposes of this review.

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