iPhone4 Umbilical Cord Charger – WTF?

You have to watch the video to even begin to comprehend what the hell is going on in this picture, but it’s beyond odd to say the least.  I guess this device, which in my opinion looks like you just blew out your large colon and small intestine after a mega-dump, is actually a charger for your iPhone4!  What I don’t understand is why this odd looking charging cable looks like it’s trying to hump the base of the iPhone?

Do iPhones require you to thrust back and forth to charge them?  Weird sh*t indeed.  I’m not sure where you can get these things, but this one looks to be in an Asian country based on the handwriting you can see.  Maybe Apple gives these to the Foxconn employees if they make it a month without a suicide!  You’ve been thinking about what else to charge with this device…


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