Is Big Ben a Scumbag or Is His Behavior a Side Effect of Brain Damage?

Doc Jordan Grafman is a neuropsychologist at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke.  He has studied frontal lobe trauma in Vietnam victims and head trauma patients for years.  I guess the frontal lobes control our judgement, and if they’re damaged, it could lead to some awkward decisions based on bad judgement, not unlike what Ben has been doing.

Grafman, who has never met Ben, has said, “A person with damage might not read the intentions of a woman at a bar very well, for example, they might succumb to more primitive urges instead of saying, ‘I shouldn’t do this because it affects my career[slider title=”.”]Quotes taken from SI writer David Epstein’s article found here.[/slider]'”  Pretty crazy right?  He said that before Ben made all of his dipshit moves.  Maybe Big Ben isn’t a full on asshole, but just a little brain dead from his bike crash and multiple concussions.  I think that notion is pushing it, but it may shed some light on why Roethlisberger is such a douche in public.

Grafman has highlighted two key behaviors that show up in people with frontal lobe damage.  They violate social rules by saying inappropriate things, and say appropriate things in an inappropriate context[slider title=”.”]Quotes taken from SI writer David Epstein’s article found here.[/slider]  I guess Ben has been witnessed asking women out with their husbands right next to them, and asking his buddy why he dates fat chicks loudly, while she is within ear shot.  I don’t know, sounds like he may have some brain damage.  Maybe we should forgive him for his sins?

I guess the NFL is taking this frontal lobe thing pretty seriously, because they’re performing tests on him right now to see if he exhibits frontal lobe trauma like the patients that Grafman studies.  Personally, I think he’s a cocky kid with too much money, but if he’s found to be special, and it gets him back in pads quicker, I’m all for it.

If you want to read the full piece from SI click here.  They also did a cover story on him, and how he’s severely tarnished his status in Pittsburgh, and makes Steelers’ fans question their allegiance to the team.  It’s a good read and makes me want to nut-punch him even more.  It’s a sad time to be a Steelers fan.  Go Pens!  You’ve been frontal lobe damaged dummy…

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