Is Star Wars Battlefront 3 Becoming a Reality?

The Star Wars Battlefront series was one of my faves from the last-gen consoles.  For SW geeks like myself it provided that fanboy fantasy of fighting in some of the most iconic battles from the films.  You could take control of an AT-AT in the Hoth Battle, pilot an X-wing, or get in the cockpit of a TIE-Fighter.  What geek doesn’t want to do that?  The multiplayer was a bit choppy, but it was one of the longest running games played on the original XBOX’s Live service.

Fans have been waiting for the 3rd entry in the series for years now, but the studio behind the games has been closed down and any work on Battlefront 3 has supposedly been scrapped.  Well, a screenshot has popped up that may shed some light on the potential follow up to Battlefront 2.  Some nerd supposedly was able to tap into GameSpy’s servers and saw a list of upcoming games to be announced at E3.  Surprisingly enough there is mention of Star Wars Battlefront 3.  Take a look at the pic below to see for yourself.

The one glaring bit of suspicion stems from the abscence of the game for the Xbox 360.  I highly doubt that the game wouldn’t show up on the 360, but on all of the other major platforms.  One thing Microsoft is great at doing is spending money to land major titles, so I doubt SW Battlefront 3 would be on every console except the Xbox 360.  Is the rumor bollocks?  I guess we’ll have to wait and see what unfolds at this year’s E3.  You’ve been teased…

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