iSense is a Google Adsense App Done Right on the iPhone and iPad

When you manage a website that is a portal of awesomeness in geekery like EB, you need some tools to manage how well your site is doing monetarily.  Most blogs such as this one use Google Adsense to generate income from their websites via ads that get served on its pages.  Google Adsense is a great tool for small business owners to make a little extra scratch, but its reporting system kind of stinks on an iOS enabled device.

The mobile Adsense site itself is formatted perfectly for mobile devices, but 99% of the time you have to enter in your credentials every time you access the page from your iDevice.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to have to punch in my lengthy password and user name with my little sausage fingers every time I want to do a quick check on how much, or how little money I made on a certain day, week, month, or since my last payment.  I used to use SimpleSense for iOS, but one day it just started crapping out.  It would never update, so it became about as useful as a book to an illiterate.  I was left with the mobile Adsense site, which as I mentioned wasn’t the best solution for someone who lives the sloth life.

Luckily, on 10/4/11 a developer by the name of mym created a new and free Google Adsense App for both the iPhone and iPad aptly called iSense.  iSense is an ad supported iOS app that works on both the iPhone and iPad with unique looking screens for each platform.  You can remove the ads for $1.99, but they’re so unobtrusive that you don’t really need to do so unless you’ve got money dripping out of your a-hole, and you don’t know what else to do with it.  The iSense menu is super clean and very easy to follow.  Update times are satisfactory, and it contains all of the reports that you’d ever need to keep track of your Google Adsense performance.

For now it functions like a dream, and it saved me from having to use the less than efficient Adsense mobile site, which is about as awesome as getting probed by aliens.  Head on down after the break to download iSense for your iPhone, and/or your iPad, as well as some screenshots of what the app looks like.  You’ve been given the tools to watch those pennies stream in day after day…

iSense for iOS devices (iPhone and iPad)

iPhone Screenshots:

iPad Screenshots:

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