Israeli Soldiers Getting Funky

There’s a viral video out there of 6 Israeli soldiers getting jiggy with it while on patrol in Hebron.  First off, I didn’t even know people were aloud to enjoy themselves in the Middle East, so this video is quite revealing.  I’m surprised a terrorist didn’t didn’t join in the fun with some bombs strapped on him.  This video just looks way out of context for the war torn Middle East.  It does bring a smile to know that these people aren’t totally mechanical and devoid of emotions.

Overall, they’re pretty good dancers considering they probably have 60 pounds of gear on them.  Sadistically, I would have liked someone in traditional terrorist garb to shoot a RPG into the dance crew from the viewing window, but I guess they were just as entranced by Ke$ha as the soldiers were.  I guess being an occupying force can be fun after all!  Check out the shenanigans for yourselves below.  You’ve been shocked…


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