ISS Orbital Time Lapse Video Makes Earth Look Like Oa

Another great time lapse video from the International Space Station has been pieced together by Michael König, which features some of the most mesmerizing visuals of the Aurora Borealis that you’ll ever see.  The video was edited down from a special low light camera on board the space station, but no special effects were used to create the visuals you’ll see in this video.  This footage honestly looks like something you’d see in the latest Summer Sci-Fi blockbuster, and the amazing green waves of light surrounding Earth make our planet look like Oa, the home of the Green Lanterns.

Geeks could also point out the fact that this video makes Earth look like the Star Wars planet of Coruscant with all the lights of the world’s cities mimicking the look and feel of that skyscraper planet (minus the sh*tty acting and weak plot).  You can also see how volatile our atmosphere is with multiple lightning storms taking place while the ISS traverses its orbit around Mother Earth.  For a planet so familiar to us this video will make you feel as if you’re watching some alien world from the imagination of a film maker.  Check it out below and be made to feel insignificant.  You’ve been willing to sell a kidney or two, so you can view Earth from space…

Earth | Time Lapse View from Space | Fly Over | Nasa, ISS

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