I mentioned in an iOS 5 tips and tricks post that I tend to go OCD on learning the updated features of a new toy be it software, or hardware when I first get my hands on it.  With this being said I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out why I don’t hear the new “Tweet” tone when I get a Twitter notification in iOS 5.  As you can see in my settings below I have the “Tweet” tone set for Twitter in my iPhone 4’s Sound profiles, but whenever I get a tweet from someone all I hear is the generic “Tri-tone” that all applications use for alerts.  So what gives?

After doing some research and real time tests I’ve come to the conclusion that if you have the Twitter client installed on your iPhone it will not use the “Tweet” tone.  The only way to hear that creepy little tweet-tweet tone is if you remove the Twitter client, which in my opinion is not an option.  With that being said you can hear the tweet-tweet with the client installed when you use the new native Twitter features in other programs like Safari.  For example, if I’m on my phone and I’m browsing and come across one of their excellent articles I can tweet it right from Safari.  Once the tweet gets posted guess what you’ll hear?  That’s right, the tone that should play for all Twitter notifications.

I’m hoping this is a glitch, because if it isn’t I can’t really wrap my head around Apple’s line of thinking.  Why even list Twitter in your Sound profile if that particular tone will only play while sending tweets?  I got all excited that I could finally customize a majority of my alert tones, but then a got that punched in the nuts feeling when I encountered this Twitter snafu.  I still have yet to find a definitive answer on this subject, so if you know the actual truth behind this issue please share the love and leave us a comment down below.  I just want to be rid of that lame a*s try-tone for good.  You’ve been wanting some tweet-tweet action with your notifications…


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