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The first game featured in ‘It Came From’ is Greedy Guns, a Metroidvania-styled shooter from developer Tio Atum.

Greedy Guns recently launched an open beta, and due to my love for anything branded ‘Metroidvania’, I thought it would be the perfect game to check out.


In the simplest of logic, Greedy Guns is fun. It’s a game that is all about jumping, shooting and exploring.

Despite being an open beta, the version of Greedy Guns I played was exceptionally polished. Vibrant colors and a pulsing synth soundtrack accentuated the game’s inviting atmosphere.

For the most part, Greedy Guns handles like a standard 2D Metroidvania title. Players move across the game’s world jumping (and double jumping) to reach new heights and avoid environmental hazards while shooting the myriad monsters that attempt to end your life.

Tackling your foes in Greedy Guns is the game’s strongest element. In addition to having the design sensibilities of a traditional Metroidvania title, Greedy Guns also boasts a twin stick shooter mentality when it comes to combat. Players are given full control of where they want to aim and shoot by rotating the right analog stick, allowing for Greedy Guns to throw enemies at the player from every conceivable angle.


Much of the enjoyment I had playing through the Greedy Guns beta stemmed from mastering (or, trying to master) movement while still blasting the ever-loving shit out of the monsters that were attacking me. A sense of urgency was consistent and kept me constantly engaged and determined to progress.

Destroying enemies is well worth it. As the title implies, Greedy Guns places a lot of emphasis on collecting cash from fallen foes. When killed, each enemy blows up in a glorious explosion of gold coins, which can then be banked in order to purchase new and improved weapons.

Of special note is Greedy Gun’s cooperative play. At any point, another player can jump into the game, adding to the enemy-shooting mayhem. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance to check out the co-op, but assuming it plays just like the single-player portion I experienced, it will be a blast.

Despite being a relatively short beta, Greedy Guns managed to hook me thanks to its numerous charms. The environments that I explored were all well designed and diverse enough to constantly keep me on my toes. Platforming is just as integral to the Greedy Guns experience as blasting away at enemies, so it is great to see such solid level design present.

As mentioned before, the game’s vibrant and verdant hues are pleasing to the eye. Greedy Guns takes on a cartoon-like visual style that perfectly matches the humorous tone that is set from the minute the player starts the game.

In a lot of ways, Greedy Guns is reminiscent of Mercenary Kings, with a decided influence of Metal Slug thrown in for good measure.

Fans of classic 2D action and great gunplay need to look no further than Greedy Guns for an enjoyable experience. The beta build I spend time with is available for download here.


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