It’s Official – I <3 Halo: Reach

There I said it!  I knew Bungie would put out a high quality game, but I didn’t even consider that it would become the next great FPS that I can’t stop playing.  Sure I love the Halo franchise, but I never thought a Master Chief-less cast could tickle my fancy for very long.  Boy was I wrong.  I’ve quickly found out that Halo: Reach may be one of the best Halo games since Halo: Combat Evolved.  I can’t stop thinking about it, or for that matter playing it.

I wrapped up my Legendary Solo campaign on Friday, which I recommend to any gamer who is trying to put their testicular fortitutde to the test.  Holy sh*t!  What a challenge.  At times I was so frustrated I could almost feel a stroke getting ready to cripple my brain.  You know what though?  I enjoyed every last second of it and actually sadistically miss playing for another Checkpoint Done…  Because when it comes to Legendary Solo it’s all about the Checkpoint Done…

Outside of the ball crushing challenge, the campaign is probably one of the best yet.  It really did bring back that Halo 1 feel, and there’s nothing more bada*s than rolling around with a squad of Spartans.  It was chilling at times as I rolled with Noble Team knowing that their fates were already doomed.  I loved the new life-like look of the game, and absolutely appreciated the fact that my Spartan was an extension of me.  The customization in Halo: Reach really imparts the feel that Noble 6 is you.  No longer is your identity set in stone as the Master Chief.  I really think this is why Halo: Reach feels so different.

So the campaign is awesome, but what about multiplayer?  What were you born yesterday?  Do you really think Bungie would put out a Halo game with a bootleg multiplayer component?  I’m going to go out on a limb and say Halo: Reach also has one of the best multiplayer systems of any Halo game.  Again, there’s huge incentives to keep playing because of the customization options available to your armor, and the use of daily/weekly challenges.  Each day you have a new set of gols to achieve so you can earn more credits to buy more cool schwag for your armor.  Plus the matchmaking is lightning fast and I haven’t noticed much lag.  Halo: Reach multiplayer could easily suck away a good chunk of your life.  Unlike Halo 3, Halo: Reach has definitely captured the multiplayer greatness from Halo 2, and that doesn’t even include how awesome the Firefight game mode is.  Let’s just say unlimited rockets, no reloading, and invincibility.  Let the Killionare medals loose!

Just sitting here and typing about my fanboy love fro Halo: Reach is getting me excited.  I can’t wait to see what today’s challenges will bring and how many new pieces of armor I can score.  Maybe today I’ll get some more duds for my avatar by completing certain feats, or maybe I’ll play the campaign again.  When a game is as awesome as Halo: Reach the possibbilities for replay value are limitless.  Bungie, you really did out do yourselves.  Thanks for that and we’ll miss you!  It’s been real.  You’ve been wanting to become a Legendary Solo yourself…
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