It’s Official the HTC Thunderbolt is a POS! Bring on Apple?

My fellow Fandroids and gadget lovers alike, I’m writing today to officially declare that the HTC Thunderbolt is a POS.  Yes, I gave it high remarks when I first got it, and I did love it for those first two months, but ever since the OTA update that went down a month or two ago it has been nothing but a mess.  In fact, it’s bad enough that I’m strongly considering making the full switch to the Darkside just like Anakin Skywalker did in a galaxy far, far away.

That’s right folks, I’m thinking of going full Apple.  Trust me, I never thought I’d speak those words, or write them down for posterity, but ever since I first picked up my iPad 2 I can’t help but appreciate Apple’s simplicity when it comes to its gadgets.  I used to bash them for the lack of personalization, and their arrogant philosophies, but I think they’ve got something special going on with their mobile devices.

I’m tired of spending days setting up Droids to my ridiculous specifications only to have them get extremely clunky over time.  I’m tired of waiting months, if not years to get the current Android OS on my device.  I’m tired of said updates f*cking up my phone to the point where I have to wipe it for any chance of having a stable system.  I’m tired of my Droid randomly rebooting, or turning off overnight so I miss an alarm.  Quite frankly, I’m just tired of having an extremely expensive device that only works well fresh out of the box.

Again, all of these thoughts do pain me.  I really am a fan of the Android OS, and what it stands for, but considering that I’ve owned 5 different Droids in less than a year speaks volumes about their reliability.  Surely Apple products break too, but I don’t think they quite have the volume of f*ck ups that are present in Android phones.  Maybe Apple’s dictatorship is the model to follow when it comes to mobile devices.  I don’t like everything Apple stands for, but maybe Jobs does know what he is talking about.  Sometimes control is a good thing, especially when it comes to OS software.  I think Google just has too many hands in the cookie jar, and they really need to take a page out of Apple’s book and start clamping down on their partners (I can’t believe these thoughts are coming out of my head right now, sacrilegious).

With that being said I’ve taken to Ebay to start looking for a used iPhone 4 for the Verizon network.  This past week my HTC Thunderbolt just became too unreliable.  The battery, which used to be pretty decent, no longer makes it a full day without needing some juice.  The phone shuts itself off multiple times a day, and no I’m not going to do a factory reset to fix it!  While using the GPS on vacation last week it would shut the phone down while I was driving, so I had to cross my fingers that I wasn’t going to miss a turn on my journey.  All of this is extremely hard to deal with when you have the patience of a gnat such as myself.  I really think I’m over the allure of being able to customize the living p*ss out of my phone, so it’s time for a change.

I love you, you little green Android guy, but until your creator perfects you, I’m going to have to turn to a company that I’d never thought I’d align with.  The Cupertino Kool-Aid is strong indeed!  I feel like a sell out, but deep down I have to give Apple credit.  I may need to go to Androids Anonymous when I make the change, but I’ll take things one day at a time.  Yes, it’s OK to call me a flip flopper, I deserve it.  You can’t believe what your reading…


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