I’ve Found a Use For the iPad: Cat Toy!

For all of the iPad critics out there the true use of the iPad has been revealed!  It’s the next great entry in cat entertainment.  That’s right, Apple’s new high-end gadget now has a market in pet entertainment.  If you have been wondering what you need an iPad for, ponder no longer, for it has been proven to be a great toy for your cat.  Who needs it for a wi-fi device when you could just sit there and watch your cat maul at the touchscreen.

I’m not crazy.  Check out the video below for yourself.  Like this cat lover I think I’d probably sit there for hours and watch my cat play with an iPad as well.  Although, I think I’d probably punch him out if he started pawing at the lovely looking screen as this little feline does in the video.  With my petty feelings for gadgets aside, you have to admit the inquisitive nature of cats is quite entertaining.


You’ve been enlightened…


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