Jack of Blades Returns This Year in Fable Anniversary Remake

Fable Anniversary Logo

Fable Anniversary Logo

Lionhead Studios, in conjunction with Microsoft, are giving the legions of Fable fans a reason to lace up their best chicken punting boots once more.

Shortly after a teaser trailer (embedded below) showing tons of tweets hounding Lionhead for a Fable HD remake, promises of the Jack of Blades returning have been a confirmed reality. Later this year, Lionhead and Microsoft will be bringing the remake, entitled Fable Anniversary, to the Xbox 360.

Anniversary will not only feature a HD makeover, but also a new UI and achievements, as well as shorter loading times than those that plagued the original Fable. Anniversary will launch with just the content of Fable, but the beloved expansion The Lost Chapters will be added after the initial release.

The screenshots released showing off Fable Anniversary are worth a second view, especially the one containing a side-by-side comparison of the original game and the HD overhaul. The level of detail in Anniversary is certainly nothing to balk at; the game simply looks to be beautiful.

Fable Anniversary comparison shot

Fable Anniversary screen 1

Fable Anniversary hero shot

No chicken will be safe, the Chicken Chaser and Fable Anniversary return later this year.

Fable Teaser Trailer via Game Informer

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