Jaime’s Choice In Game of Thrones: The Dragon and The Wolf Bolsters His Case as the Valonqar


It should be noted that the following post and video contain spoilers for the Season 7 finale of Game of Thrones, so please do not proceed any further if you haven’t watched the episode yet.

You’ve been warned!

At the end of Game of Thrones: The Dragon and The Wolf, Jaime Lannister finally decided to leave his sister Cersei after she revealed her plans to betray her word to Dany and Jon. By exiling himself from her side and bed, I believe he’s taken one step closer into fulfilling the prophecy the Maegi Maggy told a young Cersei many moons ago. The prophecy stated that Cersei would have three kids but all would die, so we know that turned out to be true, but it also mentioned that Cersei would be killed by the Valonqar, which is High Valyrian for “Little Brother.” Tyrion may seem like the natural choice, but considering that Jaime came after Cersei (They’re twins but she won the race out of the womb), he too fits the prophecy.

I just feel that he makes too much sense to be the Valonqar, because after all, he is a changed man, and he did stop a mad ruler for the benefit of the realm before. Cersei’s last act of betrayal was too much for him to take, so he finally left her side, and I’m guessing he’s headed North to join up with the good guys. So, I do believe his decision to exile himself, only bolsters the theory that he is the Valonqar that Maggy told Cersei all about, and that he will be the one to finally kill the Mad Queen Cersei.

You can learn more on this prediction below via a short video I made on the subject.

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